On 20/03/24 I discussed Archbishop Welby’s approach to migration with LBC link

On 116/11/23 I was on LBC with Nick Ferrari explaining the disappointing UKSC ruling on Rwanda and why the HRA and UKSC are long-running domestic problems that should have been dealt with years ago.

Listen here

On BBC 1 Northern Ireland discussing the Northern Ireland Protocol with Jim Allister the leader of the TUV and Christopher Hope of the Telegraph on 22 March 2023 link

Christopher Howarth on BBC 1 Northern Ireland link

Listen to Christopher Howarth in conversation with the BBC’s Mark Mardell about the European Research Group.

The Spartans

Three Strikes and You’re Out!

11 February 2020:

Mr Howarth said the line should never have closed and is hoping a non-political group can be formed within the Sunderland and Durham area to bid for funding from the Government’s new £500m pot to reverse Beeching cuts. He believes separate spurs from South Hylton and Pelaw can join together near Penshaw before heading to Durham, adding: “The next thing is more flesh on the bones. But there is an open door for us to look closely at this.”

25 November 2019:

Christopher Howarth Open Europe Interview ZIB
12 November 2014 interview with Austria’s ORF

Le Figaro: Will there be an early refrendum?
Le Figaro reports on speculation that David Cameron may decide to bring forward his promised 2017 EU referendum arguing that the FCO is planning on two scenarios, one for 2017 and one for an earlier date. Christopher Howarth is quoted as saying: “Two years already leaves very little time to obtain significant [EU] reform, given the EU’s calendar, especially if treaty change is required. Discussions about bringing forward the referendum are really about domestic politics.”

Le Figaro 13 February 2015

What could independence mean for Scotland’s future in the EU?
In an interview with Spanish daily La Razón, Open Europe’s Senior Analyst Christopher Howarth discusses the potential implications of Scotland’s independence for its future membership of the EU.
La Razón: Howarth
 11 October 2012

UK exports to rest of the world exceed those to EU for first time since 1970s
Following the news that  the UK is exporting more to the rest of the world than to the EU for the first time since the 1970s, Open Europe’s Christopher Howarth is quoted in the Express and Telegraph as saying that “It is good news that British business is taking advantage of opportunities in the fast-growing emerging countries outside the EU. However, the EU remains an important market for the UK. Therefore as well as looking to new opportunities we still need to focus on reforming the EU and ­reducing its costs.”
Express Telegraph Howarth 19 Jul 2012

UK to contribute €1.6 billion to EIB capital increase
Open Europe’s Christopher Howarth is quoted in the Times, Telegraph and Mail as saying, “This feels an awful lot like spending for the sake of spending without doing anything to solve the eurozone crisis. We fear this won’t be good use of taxpayers’ cash.”
Mail Telegraph Times Howarth 28 Jun 2012

UK and Germany have different approaches to European policy
In an interview with Polish daily Rzeczpospolita, Open Europe’s Chris Howarth discusses the differences between the UK and Germany’s approaches to European policy.
Rzeczpospolita: Howarth 27 Feb 2012