The Spartans who saved Brexit & the Conservative Party.
The Telegraph Editorial on the Spartans 23 September 2021

014 Feature Howarth on Spartans July 2021

Lords Spicer and Hamilton explain how the 1922 Committee leadership rules can be changed. 13 April 2019

13 April 2019

December 17, 2019: The Brexit Party actually saved the Labour Party from annihilation last week in places like Sunderland
“Last Thursday was a dreadful day for the Labour Party – but it could and should have been far, far worse. There are 34 seats where the Brexit Party vote was larger than the margin of Conservative Party loss. In other words, 34 Labour MPs have survived thanks to Nigel Farage.”

16 April 2020: Will Boris Johnson need Brextra time?

September 18, 2019 Boris Johnson should beware resuscitating the ‘dead’ May deal – even if the EU agree to scrapping the backstop

“Let’s start with some recent history: the reason Boris Johnson is Prime Minister is because Theresa May’s draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration failed three times in Parliament. Its failure, combined with May’s inflexibility, led the 1922 Committee to be persuaded, by its former Chairmen among others, that the only way forwards for the Conservative Party was to change the rules to allow a leadership election and a new path to Brexit.”

June 13 2017: Christopher Howarth: May has a rock-solid mandate to deliver a Brexit for all parts of Britain

 “The election result was many things: surprising, in part disappointing – and largely unpredicted. However, it was not a disaster. Jeremy Corbyn and his uglies remain in opposition, and he will now have to undertake the impossible task of reconciling his macabre miscellany of Marxists and Blairites in the only way they understands – a bitter internal fight to the death.”

The Cameron EU Reform Deal

27 May 2016: Cameron’s Hollow Deal 5) It isn’t future-proof – indeed, its already out of date  

24 May 2016: We gave up a veto and may not get what we were promised in return

31 January 2013: Two Unions, two borders, two islands – why the future of the EU and UK places the British Isles at a decision point

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