A novel: The Durian Pact

It was 2026 and the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th-anniversary celebrations
are a distant memory. Crippled by debt, banking and harvest failure its economy
has hit the buffers, a rising mass of unemployed men in the cities is creating a
political tinder box.

In Beijing powerful forces within the Central Military Commission think they have
an answer – the long-planned invasion of Taiwan, the reunification of the
motherland. But not everyone in the Chinese military agrees.
In the UK fresh from an election victory the new Prime Minister Caroline Summer
is tackling an intractable problem – a new, ruthless and well-funded Scottish
Nationalist leader who will stop at nothing to gain independence. She has chosen
to negotiate yet any deal she might strike is guaranteed not to carry the support of
her party. Her leadership is on the rocks and the political sharks are circling. Key
among them is the former Minister Tom Rosenfield, ambitious with a record of
opposition to Scottish Nationalism and warning of Chinese expansionism he
seems to be the coming man.

In Singapore one of China’s Ministry of State Security’s best agents Mei Ng, has
been assigned on a top-secret mission, one on which the future of the Chinese
Communist Party depends. With her she has files that could shake the political
establishments of United Kingdom to the ground.

Taking time off from a fibral Westminster the newly elected Richard Reynolds MP
is looking forward to a trip to Singapore to observe the UK’s contribution to the
Five Powers (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & Singapore)
Treaty military exercise – the Durian pact –

Little does Richard know that he is about to be plunged into the middle of one of
the most dangerous political fault lines of modern times. Scared, alone and unable
to know who to trust Richard is forced to navigate the colliding worlds of the South
China Sea and Westminster politics to an uncertain end.
The Durian pact – a relic of Britain’s colonial defence is about to gain a new and
frightening relevance.